Saturday, January 24, 2009

I can’t handle my life anymore. It is stressful!

It is getting common to hear people around you saying "I'm fine I can handle the stress". This is getting real with my friends and relatives.

But you may not know, unhealthy stress levels can take a toll on both your mind and your body. Typically, your mind will start to react differently.

In fact, I have seen many cases of happy and energetic people crumpled under stress and plunged into depression. In effect, they lose their vigor and passion for things they once loved or cared.

I have noticed that the environment rarely has to change for this to happen.

Just keeping things bottled up or just simply not enjoying your life and dealing with issues alone, will eventually break you down.

You might wake up one day and get into an argument with your wife over something that shouldn't have been more than a thought.

You might punish your children over something that you should have laughed at.

This is not the kind of life anyone would want. In most cases, this can be easily avoided.

We all know life isn’t a bed of roses. It is difficult and probably is only going to get more difficult. Nevertheless, our mindset to dealing with this increasingly stressful environment will shape our lives.

I myself had to make some changes.

I woke up one day and told myself, "NO MORE!". I had had enough, so I started looking down deep and decided I needed some major changes. And start enjoying life again.

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